Blackstar INSIDER Features Overview

Below are some of the main features of the INSIDER software. To get a full understanding of what INSIDER can do, please download it (free) and try it out for yourself. To take full advantage of what it has to offer, it should be connected to a compatible Blackstar digital amplifier.

Control Your Amp

Whether you're tweaking tones in the studio, setting up your live sounds, or just exploring your ID:Series / ID:Core amp at home, INSIDER gives you intuitive graphical control over every parameter. Create your sounds, build a library of patches and configure your ID:Series amp just the way you want it.

Add Effects

INSIDER lets you control your effects just like they're real stomp boxes laid out at your feet. Choose your effects from a selection of studio-quality vintage and modern modulations, delays and reverbs, set them to taste and store them with your patches ready for action.

Jam Along

Jamming to your favourite artists' tracks is a great way to improve your playing. INSIDER's built-in audio section lets you import MP3s from your digital collection and match the volume to your guitar. What's more, you can adjust the speed of the music without altering its pitch, to help you pick out complex parts.

Get In Tune

No need to unplug and reach for a tuner, simply activate INSIDER's built-in tuner to get yourself back to pitch. Blackstar's INSIDER software includes everything you need to practice, record and set up your ID:Series / ID:Core amp for your next big gig.

Further Features

Super Wide Stereo

Super Wide Stereo is available on ID:Core, recorded through the emulated out or USB on all ID:Series amplifiers, and live on the ID:260TVP.

Online Community

Once you have created your personal profile, you have access to a worldwide network of users, including Official Blackstar Artists, with whom you can trade patches.

Phrase Trainer

Set loop points using the IN and OUT markers in conjunction with altering the playback speed (without changing the pitch).


A metronome is a practice tool used to maintain a regular tempo. Blackstar INSIDER includes an electronic metronome which allows you to set a desired tempo.

Professional Features

Blackstar INSIDER software harnesses even more features within its settings. Enable professional features such as setting the overdrive noise gate, audio mode and Super Wide Stereo. The Blackstar INSIDER software really is the next level on top of your ID:Core / ID:Series amp and gives these ranges so much diversity and power.

Download INSIDER and see how much more you can do with your ID:Core and ID:Series.

Super Wide Stereo

Blackstar’s unique Super Wide Stereo technology gives you an immersive sound experience that will have you be playing along to your MP3 backing tracks for hours. You can now enable and disable it using INSIDER.

Effects Loop

Switching on the Effects Loop transforms the Emulated Output and MP3/Line Input sockets into 'Preamp Out' (for sending a signal to your external effects) and 'Power Amp In' (for returning the effected signal to your amplifier).

Audio Mode

This setting configures the audio being sent to your computer audio software via USB. You can select from a number of different combinations to achieve your desired recording. This defaults to a speaker emulated stereo output, but also included is the ability to send a clean guitar signal alongside a fully effected signal; this is very useful if you wish to ‘re-amp’ your audio track in the future.

O/D Noise Gate

The Noise Gate helps to reduce unwanted noise from the amplifier in between playing, and applies to both OD1 and OD2 Voices. There are 3 settings: 'OFF', 'LOW' and 'HIGH'. By default, the Noise Gate is active, using the 'LOW' setting.


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Software Support

Blackstar's Insider software includes everything you'll need to download, install and run the programme. If you run into difficulty with the Insider software, here's what you should do:

  1. Check the FAQ page. If you've hit a stumbling block you probably won't be the first. You'll find solutions to most common issues here.
  2. Download the handbook and read through it. All functionality is described and explained here
  3. Check the system requirements against your PC or Mac. You'll need a computer that's capable of running the software.
  4. If you've not solved the problem by now, use our contact form to contact our software support team.

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